The Best Time To Get Pregnant: Summer V/S Winter

The best time to get pregnant babies summer-vs-winter
The best time to get pregnant babies summer-vs-winter

If you are pregnant with a baby or trying to get pregnant with a baby we have the best weather options settled out for you. Being pregnant during winter or summer can raise some serious questions and doubts. This article will help you to know which climate will suit the baby and the mother. Read the following analysis to know more…

Summer Did Better

We know that being pregnant has brought you a lot of excitement and joy, but don’t be discouraged because the climate did you wrong. Don’t worry being pregnant in the summers turns out to be the best for the mothers and the babies.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

It might be discouraging for you to know that you’re pregnant in the summers, but the fresh fruits and vegetables will put a good spin on you and your baby’s health. The fresh fruits and vegetables during the summer will give you extra vitamins and proteins which will improve help you to deliver a healthy baby.

Winter Is Coming

It might seem exciting for you to be pregnant in winters, but it is important to realize that there are chances for you to catch flu, cough-cold, and also realize that cold air can cause body pains. However, if you’re expecting a baby in winter you can take precautions and avoid infections with early vaccine and medications.

Winter Means You’re Grounded

You cannot ignore the fact that its best to stay indoors as much as possible during the winters, the cold wind outside has chances to affect your health which might cause more difficulties in your pregnancy. This obviously suggests that you’ll be grounded inside your house because winter has arrived and there is no chance of getting outside the house.

Exercising and Hydration

It is likely for you to stay more hydrated and exercise more during the summer, summer heat brings you a lot of sweat and mood to workout, this works out for the best as that is exactly what you need during pregnancy. It is extremely essential to stay hydrated during pregnancy which is why winter climate can be tricky, as you do not sweat you do not yearn to drink water, and exercising during winters can be difficult as you’ll prefer to curl up in your bed all day long.


Shopping in summer means shorts, bikinis, and possibly new trending short clothes to look up to. Winter shopping can be pretty exciting as you’ll get to buy new sweaters and jackets to keep you and your baby warm and cozy.


Vacations in pregnancy can be tricky as you don’t want to be at a beautiful place and be vomiting because of your morning sickness. However, going for a vacation in summers can be easier as you can travel to places and be entertained. On the contrary traveling in winters can be exciting if you’re planning a tour to a place that has hot winds to serve!

Sunshine Gives You Vitamin D

It can be highly exhausting to carry a baby during summers due to the hot climate and the unfavorable weather conditions, but however being outside in the sunshine can help you with vitamin D, which obviously gets difficult to obtain in the winter due to the cold winds.

Photographing Your Pregnancy

Photographing in summers can help you show off your baby bump in short clothes, and also put a good spin on the summer heat you are bearing. Although winter photographs mean snow fun, and good pictures to upload on your Instagram.

Sanitation Is Essential

During pregnancy your body becomes sensitive and prone to germs and viruses hence, it is very essential to make sure that you are keeping yourself away from these germs and viruses. Summer can be tricky as you’ll get sweaty and unhygienic easily, whereas winter can also be tricky as germs and viruses are likely to be around in the air.

Its Cuddling To The Rescue

Winters do bring uncertain cold wind along with diseases but if you’re indoors you’ll just be relieved. There is absolutely no need to step outside the house and socialize, you can easily stay at home and maintain your peace as you cuddle your way through the pregnancy.

Well, summer or winter babies bring good news and happiness to everyone. If you’re planning to have a baby we wish she/he is healthy and happy.


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