What may cause premature birth

cause premature birth
cause premature birth

Waiting for the arrival of your baby to arrive is hard, some babies take long and some arrive early. If your baby is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy, then he is called a preemie. In case a baby is born before 23rd week of pregnancy, he may not able to survive outside the mother’s womb but a premature baby who is born after the 28th week of pregnancy has 90 percent survival rate. Deliveries which happen three weeks prior to the date of birth of the baby are called premature deliveries, and it is observed that babies who are born early may have some or the other medical complications.  Here are causes for premature birth:


If you have had a miscarriage before there is a chance that you may have premature delivery and the risk may increase in case the miscarriage happened late in the pregnancy. In case of pregnancy within 6 months after the abortion, there are risks of having a preterm delivery and the risk may become prominent. If your previous delivery was also premature, then it is quite likely that the present delivery may be preterm too. It may also increase your chances of having a low birth baby, or it may cause the death of the baby.

Multiple births

If you are carrying two or more babies the chances of premature birth increases. Approximately 60 percent of the twins and 90 percent of triplets are usually born preterm. Whereas the single baby is born approximately at around 39 weeks, twins are born at around 36 weeks, triplets at around 32 weeks and quadruplets are born at around 30 weeks. In case you are carrying more than one baby, your health may be closely monitored by your doctor because with an additional baby or babies; your pregnancy duration may reduce.


Stress can affect your body and pregnancy in several ways when your body is stressed during pregnancy your body releases cortisol and epinephrine, these, in turn, helps in releasing corticotrophin hormone. Corticotrophin increases estriol and prostaglandins levels in the body. This all may make your body undergo premature labor. That it is why it is stressed onto mothers to not take the risk because their mental health can cause them complications physically.


At what age you are giving birth plays an important role in your pregnancy and delivery. If you are a teen mother below the age of seventeen and above the age of thirty-five have higher chances of premature birth than of women in any other age group. The risk increases even more for women above the age of forty.

Bad habits

If you were unable to leave your habit of smoking it drinking during pregnancy, it will not only create many complications but can cause premature birth and sometimes even the death of the baby. Smoking and drinking are to be stopped completely during pregnancy for a healthy baby. Not just smoking but even passive smoking could cause premature birth.

Little gap

Your body needs type to cope and repair itself after delivering a baby, as it has gone through extreme changes within these months. Giving your body the required break is important before you start planning for another baby. If you conceive too soon after your previous delivery, your body may not be ready to support a baby. This is also because the reproductive system may not be ready to support the new baby and thus may result in premature labor. You are advised to take at least 18 months break before you start planning for your next baby.

Family history

Genetic and family history also play an important role in dicing if you are going to have a premature birth. If your family has had a history of premature birth it can affect your delivery.


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