Natural Pregnancy V/s IVF Pregnancy

Naturla Pregnancy V/s IVF Pregnancy
Naturla Pregnancy V/s IVF Pregnancy

Natural pregnancy comes into picture when both of the partners are sexually active and doesn’t have infertility related problems. If we talk IVF [In Vitro Fertilization] pregnancy, a woman is made pregnant with help of assisted reproduction technology. There are many techniques to aid a woman to get pregnant. But IVF is one of the leading techniques in the world. It’s extracting sperm and infusing with ovaries in the uterus. There’s no doubt that there’s more fun in natural pregnancy!

In this article, we will discuss about the difference between the pregnancies, the risk involved in IVF, and many more!

IVF pregnancy

To have a baby of our own, there’s no doubt that IVF is one of the best option available now. If we talk of the risk involved in IVF pregnancy as compared to Natural, there’s not much difference between the two. IVF is used to treat patients with damaged Fallopian tube. In the case of IVF pregnancy, sometimes more then embryos are planted to increase the chances of pregnancy. There’s a common prejudice between the people that babies born from IVF are artificial as they are born in high tech laboratories.This can lead to having twins or triplets. Thus, increases the chance of risks. Risks like premature birth or low weight are the common consequences of having twins or triplets.

Basic Difference!

In Natural pregnancies woman don’t that they are pregnant until few weeks or until if they have not missed their periods. Natural pregnancies can cause more stress and anxiety. In IVF, woman knows about the baby in the womb from the beginning. So, there are less anxiety

Side effects by IVF!

There’s no difference between natural pregnancy and IVF pregnancy during the pregnancy time period. In both cases, the baby pops out at the stipulated time. In the case of IVF, when a doctor gives you medication to stimulate the eggs it can cause headache, mood swings, hot flashes, and bloating!

Does IVF cause miscarriage?

Getting pregnant after years of trying, gets mother tears of joy! It’s a mixed emotion experienced by the mother. Thanks to IVF, it’s changing the lives of thousands of woman around the world. According to renowned doctors, it is found that IVF does not cause miscarriage. A woman who has gone through recurrent miscarriages can increase implantation problems. So, tell your doctor about it and it will take precautions to lower the risk of miscarriage again!

Cost of IVF

The average cost of IVF per cycle is $12,000. Well, it does not include the cost of medication. Therefore, the whole package usually costs about $20,000. Yes, it’s not inexpensive. But giving birth to a baby is not an easy job!


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