Best Breastfeeding Positions To Ease Your Nursing

Best Breastfeeding Positions To Ease Your Nursing
Best Breastfeeding Positions To Ease Your Nursing

When you have just had a baby breastfeeding can be difficult for many reasons, it takes time to understand which breastfeeding position is comfortable. Here are some best nursing positions.

Breastfeeding Positions

It is to be understood by you, that there is no right or wrong position when it comes to breastfeeding. You need to understand which position is comfortable for you and your baby. Although below are a few positions that will help you while breastfeeding.

Side-Lying Position

This position is the easiest to follow. All you have to do is lie down to your side and face the baby to you, and support the baby’s head while breastfeeding. Baby nurses from the breast that is resting on the bed. This position is usually comfortable for the Mom and the baby.

Football Hold

This position requires you to tuck the baby below your underarm and support baby’s head to uphold with your arm and holding your breast using the other arm. This usually is the initial position of how Mom’s learn to nurse the baby. Breastfeeding the baby in this position will help you to get used to nursing.

Cross-Cradle Hold

Cross-cradle hold is partial to most mothers, this requires you to hold the baby in one hand and hold your breast with the other hand. This position is easy to follow as you can nurse and at the same time see what the baby is doing. Although this position can be a little uncomfortable to follow.

Cradle Hold

Cradle hold requires you to hold the baby with one arm opposite of the arm baby is nursing and the other arm supporting your breast. This breastfeeding position is used by most mothers as it is comfortable and you have a view of the baby.

Lie Back Feeding

For this position you can lie back and make your baby lie on you, while his hands hug you from the sides. You can hold baby’s body with one hand and look at the baby at the same time. This position is comfortable as you’re laying back down and the baby is lying on top of you.

Upright Breast Feeding

In this position you have to sit upright with your baby over your thighs, you have to hold the baby from the back and the baby can hold onto sides of your breast. This position is congenial to follow and you can sit upright as well as get a hold of the baby at the same time.

Twin Feeding

Breastfeeding Twins can be difficult, as you will have to simultaneously breastfeed both the babies. This can be difficult and exhausting, to ease your nursing position you can follow the below-given positions.

Double-Cradle Hold

To follow this position you can hold both your babies with both your hands with one of your babies in the front and one behind, you use both your arms to hold the babies to help you, nurse.

Double Football

This position is similar to as of Football hold, the difference is that both babies will be to both your either sides and you will have to use both your arms to support both the babies head. Here it becomes difficult to hold your breast. If the size of your breast is large then it might be difficult to nurse as you have to be sure not to put pressure onto the baby’s chin.

Lay Back Position

You can lie on your back. Then hold both the babies upon you. This can ease your difficulties as you’re laying back with baby on top. It’ll be easy for you to ensure that the babies are fine.

Usual Difficulties

It gets difficult for mothers to get used to and comfortable with breastfeeding babies. There can be questions related to breast feeding and its difficulties, although you don’t have to worry as every mother goes through this. There can be a trouble of sore nipples as your breasts aren’t used to nursing. This is completely natural and nothing to be afraid of. You and your baby just need some time to get comfortable and used to the procedure.

We hope that the above given positions and measures have helped you. Try the above given breast positions and ensure safe nursing.


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