11 Things Need To Have Before Your Baby Arrives

things to do before baby arrives
things to do before baby arrives

Waiting for your baby to arrive is pretty overwhelming time; you are tired, waiting, curious and just very impatient. This is a good time for you to prepare yourself and get things that your baby will need after birth, instead of all the hassle to get it later it is a good time to get all of them already.

Here are 11 things your baby will need at its arrival

Water Proof Bed Pads

This one is not just for the baby but also for you, it is better to get yourself a good waterproof bed pad when you are arriving near to the due date because if your water breaks on the bed the fluids can cause some serious damage to your mattress, and as for the baby the pads will absorb any leakages. Waterproof pads are super easy to clean and are hassle free.

Breast Pumps And Baby Bottles

If you are planning to breast feed your baby a breast pump is a must. The breast pumps come in handy, you can just store some bottles and get some rest so someone can feed the baby till then. It is great for working women as they can store there breast milk and still be able to provide their little once with breast milk.

Baby Clothes

It is better for a little baby shopping before the baby arrives so it can have something to wear on the initial days before you or someone from your family can go shopping. It is also better if you wash the clothes beforehand because babies have super sensitive skin and are really prone to get infections.

Nursing Bra

This one is optional but it is better to have at least one nursing bra when you are planning to breastfeed your baby. It is convenient both for you and the baby. Make sure if you do, try getting a super comfortable bra. Nursing in regular bras can be a task and nursing bras just make it super easy and accessible.


Getting a crib or a baby bed is a must even if you are planning to co-sleep the baby. Make sure that the crib is a big enough size because babies tend to outgrow them pretty quick. Make sure it safe and firm it is a comfortable mattress. Also make sure you ahve waterproof bed pads for the crib.

Maxi Pads

Stock up your house with plenty of maxi pads because after pregnancy there is going to be heavy bleeding depending on the woman, the bleeding and discharge may last from two to six weeks. This is the first stage of the postpartum vaginal discharge known as lochia.

Ice Packs

Ice packs are great for numbing soreness and any swellings after pregnancy having an ice pack handy is helpful. One may experience soreness and swelling from the delivery, or, if you have a C-section, for your incision site.

Car Seat

This one is a must right after your baby is born and discharged from the hospital, try investing in a good car seat and read all the instructions and how to set it up beforehand. These comfortable little seats can even help the baby to fall asleep in the car without distress. These are a good investment and ensures the safety of the baby.

Baby Blankets

Regular blankets are too big for a newborn, most newborns take solace in the soothing act of swaddling. Choose a lightweight square little baby blanket about the right size to swaddle your baby.


You will need plenty of towels around the house to keep cleaning your baby. New babies spit up almost after every meal and it is easy to have towels in each room in handy too keep cleaning it.


It is recommended to have some baby diapers even if you were planning to use clothes or something else, diapers are super handy during intial days after the baby is born.


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