11 Reasons You are not getting pregnant


Pregnancy is a complex process and not just about having sex there are several factors come into play and define when a couple may conceive. If you are trying to conceive for a while now and failing there could be several or one factor affecting it. Here are 11 reasons you are not getting pregnant.

Too much sex

Sex leads to pregnancy but having too much sex doesn’t always takes you down that road. Though frequent sex will not decrease the vigor of a man’s sperm, it can cause potential health problems such as fatigue, dizziness, weak knees, and frequent urination.  If you start having sex constantly to have babies it will cause burnout and result in case of,  the actual fertile window is open, either partner may not be interested in sex.

Too little sex

When trying to conceive some couples starts having less sex to save up sperm or only have sex during the woman’s ovulation. But staying without sex for many days may affect your conception. You could miss your fertile phase when sex is limited as you may not always be correct about your ovulation.


Your mental health plays an important role when you are trying to conceive when you are stressed you are not only mentally but also physically affects your ability to get pregnant. Emotional disturbances such as stress, depression, anxiety lower your fertility level. You should be calm and in a balanced state when trying to conceive. Stress hampers the hypothalamus functions, which control the pituitary gland. The gland regulates adrenal, thyroid, and ovaries, and affects the period cycle, even leading to irregular periods.

Man Problem

One of the biggest and most common reasons for infertility is low sperm count and poor sperm motility (due to structural abnormalities). This factor accounts for 30 to 40% of infertility problems in couples. The foremost step is to see a doctor or a fertility specialist for immediate treatment. For low sperm count or motility, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is the best solution.


One of the most common things women do after sex religiously goes to the bathroom immediately after having sex to clean up or just going about your day. It is essential to stay in bed for some time after sex to ensure that the sperm gets a chance to reach the egg and fertilize it. If you get up you are letting gravity pull the sperms down, and if you wash it up the rest of the sperms are washed away.


Women often don’t even realise how much there tight undergarments can effect there fertility. Undergarments that are too tight might be hampering the functions of your reproductive organs. In men, the sperm production goes down, and in women, the air-circulation reduces and leads to discomfort.


Women with regular ovulation, taking all the steps to get pregnant sometimes fail due to their body weight. Someone too thin or too fat can hamper your chances of fertility. If you are undernourished you will not ovulate properly whereas if you are overweight it will hamper your fertility.


Not getting enough sleep can drastically effect your body, it affects the functions of the immune system. This increases your chances of getting infections, and in turn, affects the reproductive cycle. In men, infections could heat the body and damage sperms. Women may feel anxious due to lack of sleep that could affect their menstrual cycle.


Lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking, drugs, and caffeine affect your fertility. In men, these factors decrease the sperm count and motility and in females, they cause irregular ovulation which causes infertility.


Women with irregular periods often have a hard time conceiving Irregular periods indicate inconsistent ovulation, and conceiving without an egg is impossible. Therefore, the less you ovulate, the less are your chances of getting pregnant .


Almost 20 to 40% of infertility problems in women are caused due to irregular ovulation, which prevents the release of mature eggs from ovaries.  Some women never ovulate, other quarterly. Hormonal fluctuations, excess weight gain or loss, excessive exercise, or severe stress could be the key reasons for ovulatory disorders which directly effects not being able to conceive.

Infertility isn’t permanent and can be solved but in order to solve it one should be able to recognize it. If you have been trying to concieve for a long time and failing it is better to see a doctor than to sit around and wait. A full body check of both the patner will help you find out the reason behind why are not able to concieve.


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