10 Funny Baby Shower Games That Are Damn Good!

funny baby shower games
funny baby shower games

Getting excited for the baby arrival? Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re expecting a baby boy or girl. To celebrate the baby shower in a funny way and making it enjoyable for everyone is the aim of the baby shower. So, let’s look over the baby shower games that are interesting and hilarious!

Here are the 10 funny baby shower games for you and your guests!

Ice breaker games

Games would be funny if you know the guests properly, right? So, before you send the invitations to your guests, attach a note of getting their baby photos. Well, before the baby shower begins, collect all the photos and decorate the room with their baby photos. Well, seeing the baby photo of their own child will make them feel more acquainted. So, what about the guests or couple who don’t have their own kid? Wait, we have something for them. Just have patience.

Do you know me?

Well, mostly for the baby shower you call your friends and who knows you for many years. And many of them just talk about the baby boy or girl who is expected to blossom your life. In this between, you need to avert your focus on yourself. So, by playing “Do you know me?” game you can make yourself center of attraction. You just need to make questions of yourself about your childhood or some habits you have, that your friends can answer. Pass on the questions and tell them to answer. Person with most right answer is the winner and gets awarded by small gift items.

Bobbing for pacifiers

This is funny and interesting. Okay, so you need to fill water in a tub and place it where spilling the water on the ground is no big deal. Get some bundle of pacifiers and put in the tub filled up with the water. Tell your guests to bob the nipple part of the pacifiers out. The person who will get the maximum pacifiers in the allotted time wins! It’s easy and funny! If you want to use all the pacifiers just make them sterile. That’s but obvious, right? Well, it’s totally one of the funny baby shower game!

Oh, finally. My Water Broke

As you’re a host, to keep your guests entertained is your job. So, tell your partner to help you with it. In this game, you need to get baby dolls that can be inexpensive to the number equal to the guests. Get some container in which you can fit in the doll and some ice cubes. Before the baby shower starts, freeze the doll in the container. Make sure that your container is made of plastic or metal. During the game, give the container to each one and tell them to get the baby doll out. Well, you can use anything to get the baby doll out. Don’t place got beverages beside them, it will ease up their task. The guest whose water broke’s first is a winner!

Don’t say the word “Baby”

It’s “Baby” shower guys and not telling the word baby in the baby showers sounds off, right? In this game, every guest will get a jar of the closed pin or baby pacifiers as they enter the baby shower. The instructions of this game are: If any of the guests enunciates word “baby”, the person who catches the person will get the closed pin or pacifier. The person with the most pin or pacifiers win the game. It’s damn easy and it needs no preparation. You don’t have to explain each of the guest if you attach the instruction at the table of jars.

Egg game!

Give each egg to every of your guest. Hand them some markers or colors. And tell them to decorate the egg that looks similar to the baby. That’s cute, isn’t it! Well, the game doesn’t end here. Place the egg on spoon and organize a egg-spoon race. The guest who wins the race is awarded with small gift. Make sure that you award the guest with the cutest egg award before the game starts.

We’re having a baby!

Obviously, you’re. And that’s the main reason you’re having baby shower. Okay, jokes apart. In this game, you need balloons and pins. So, if you have a big guest list. Then it can act as a perfect game. So, make a team of 3-4 guests and give them four balloon and four pins. Well, each of the member of the team will blow up the balloon[ balloon need to blow up one by one in the team], place the balloon below the shirt and pop the balloon by pin. The team who does it fast is clearly a winner.

What’s my waist size?

It’s the perfect game for small baby showers. When you go out for baby shower invitation, attach a big piece of cloth yarn in the invitation card with the instructions in it. The instruction will tell the guest to cut the piece of cloth close to your waist size. Well, the guest with the closet guess will win the game. It’s easy, right? This is a fun way to keep the guests entertained from the beginning.

Guess the baby due date!

We know that only 5% of the babies are born on their expected baby due date. So, you need to hand over pen and paper to each of your guest. Tell your anticipated baby due date and tell them to guess the baby due date. Collect all the papers and don’t forget to tell them to add their name. And when your baby is out, the winner should get a gift for it! So, don’t forget to hand over the gifts!

Baby name maker!

This is interesting and will tickle your guests brain. In this game, you will hand over a pen and paper to your guest. Tell them to make a baby name just out of your and your partner’s name. The guests who makes the big list out of baby name wins it! Don’t forget to add the timer of 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

I didn’t forget about the couple who don’t have baby and games for them. Well, 9 out 10 games can be played for the couple or individual who don’t have baby. I hope you loved the list of funny baby shower games!


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