10 Fertility Facts You Don’t Have To Believe

fertility myths
fertility myths

Sometimes woman try ridiculous things to boost their fertility. Eat something which ain’t related to pregnancy. Follow some rituals[usually in India] to boost their fertility which are truly superstitious and based on non-scientific facts. Well, In this article we will help you to debunk fertility myths or facts people usually get trapped in. So, avert your eyes from old wives tails and unveils the truths!

Who likes to swallow semen?

There is always a fertility myth that swallowing semen will make you more fertile. Like really? Well, if you want to do something with semen you can use it to conceive or semen facials works. According to many websites, semen helps skin to be soft and avoid wrinkles. So, don’t allow swallow it. You can debunk your husband now, who asked you to give BJ for “fertility booster”.

Breastfeeding will keep your ovary anti social

This is one of the old grand mama’s tales that breastfeeding keeps you away from engaging with sperm. But it’s not totally true. A woman during the breastfeeding period become less fertile and becomes periods free. There are three ways to tell if breastfeeding is giving fertility a back seat. If you’re period free since delivery it doesn’t count. The second thing is if you’re breastfeeding your baby night and day then it almost cut down the probability. of fertility. The last part is, the baby is less than six months. According to tests, it’s found that woman still has a 1.2% chance of conceiving

Gravity rules doesn’t apply here

Most of the woman keeps their leg straight in the air for 15-20 minutes to get pregnant. Sorry to disappoint you, sperm doesn’t imply all the gravity rules. Sperm are programmed in such a way that it straight away goes to the eggs. It doesn’t matter what position you’re in. Right after ejaculation , there are millions of sperm that goes on the voyage. So, don’t make your self try weird position after sex.

Positions during sex

Couples are always in the confusion of which position will increase their chances of conceiving. Is it missionary or something else? Well, it doesn’t matter what position you’re in during sex. All of them has got the same chances of conceiving. The only care you need to take care is that your partner is penetrating deep enough.

Do you want twins?

Woman do eat yams to conceive twins. This myth was born due to an African village got plantation of yams and most of them had twins. Experts have linked fertility and yams but have not come up with any theory related to yams and twins.

A pill will affect your pregnancy

: We know that pill is good for birth control but once you ditch the pill, it will not delay your chance of getting pregnant. It might affect your menstrual period but doesn’t delay the pregnancy to a great extent. So, if you are worried that it affects your chances of getting pregnant, don’t worry and enjoy sex!

Adopt a baby

An Adoption is a great option if you’re not able to conceive. But myths says that adoption will help you to conceive. This is superstitious, please don’t believe in it. But you can make someone believe, as adoption will nurture a child, give new home and family.

Orgasm is important to conceive

Well, it smoothens the whole process. It helps the sperm to travel towards fallopian tubes at a bolt speed. But not having an orgasm doesn’t affect the chances of getting pregnant.

Cough syrup cheers

In the 1980’s it was believed that cough syrup boosts the fertility factor. This was because it contains guaifenesin and it was considered as an ingredient of the booster. But there are no studies that proof it. So, stay away from cough syrup until you don’t want to cure yourself or don’t want to get high.

We hope that we have debunked all the fertility myths. And please share to your mom to be friends to help them by preventing them to practice different weird positions!


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