Things To Know About Pregnancy Discharge

pregnancy discharge

During pregnancy, there are a lot of hormonal changes in your body. One of them is pregnancy discharge or vaginal discharge. They’re normally called leukorrhea. It is usually white, thin, milky, and has an unpleasant mild smell.

Why does the Vaginal discharge occurs?

The vaginal discharge is a normal healthy bodily function. It is a way of your body to keep your vagina clean. It is normal to discharge during sexual intercourse. The use of birth control pills and emotional stress also increase vaginal discharge. Many of the women think that it might be a sign of miscarriage. But it’s not. If there is a change of color from milk to any other colors, it might be a sign of vaginal infection. As you know about normal vaginal discharge, let’s talk about abnormal pregnancy discharge.

Abnormal Pregnancy discharge types

Spotting during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you might notice light bleeding or heavy spots on your undies. That is called spotting. It is in red or brown in color. This usually happens to irregular menstrual cycles or spotting. Spotting happens because of the higher sensitivity of cervix that causes irritability of it and hence bleeding. If spotting occurs in early stages of pregnancy, it can be a sign of miscarriage. If it occurs with severe pain, consult your doctor. There might be some complications.

Bacterial Vaginosis

It is a white-grey discharge from your vagina. If it increases over time, it can travel to the uterus and can cause preterm labor. It can cause itching and burning near the vagina. So, consult your ob-gyn to take proper precautions.

Yeast Infection

It is a thick white discharge which comes along with itching. Women usually confuses bacterial vaginosis with yeast infection. So, confirm if it’s either of the one. The yeast infection occurs due to the imbalance of vaginal bacteria. Hence, don’t worry much about it.

Amniotic Acid

Amniotic acid is around the baby in the womb. It is clear/transparent but can have tinge of yellow, green, or pink. If you have a vaginal discharge similar to it, please consult your doctor now. The amniotic acid should be released from the body during the labor. It can cause birth complications.


In this kind of infection, the vaginal discharge is green or yellow in color. The odor is foul. It causes pain, inflammation,and itching. The infection is spread by sexual contact or sharing of bathing suits or towels.

Gonorrhea and chlamydia

The vaginal discharge is greenish, yellow and cloudy in color. This kind of infections are transferred and afflicted by sexually transmitted diseases.

How to prevent vaginal infection?

Do not use tampons during pregnancy, they can inculcate vaginal infection. To prevent vaginal infection, one can use cotton clothes as they’re breathable. Make sure that they are hygienic. Don’t use douches as they can make it worse by removing useful bacteria. Mainly to avoid yeast infections, eat yogurt or use yeast infection cream


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