Lactation after losing a child

Lactation after loosing a child
Lactation after loosing a child

Nothing is as heartbreaking as losing a baby, while some women decide to terminate the pregnancy and for some, it happens without a specific reason to it. What can be worse after losing a baby is to deal with the breast milk supply, it can constantly keep you reminding of your lost child.

Is it normal to produce milk after losing a child?

It is very normal for women to produce milk after the loss of a baby its main reason being the hormonal change in the body of the women. This condition may begin within a couple of days after the tragic event. Where some women may experience extreme discomfort or pain in their breasts, others may not feel so. Some women wait for the milk to dry up whereas some try ways to stop it.

How to stop lactation in this case?

Milk production after a loss of child is hurtful physically and mentally. You feel your breasts to be tender and heavier, it will also remain sore till it dries up. It can be mentally hurtful as it will constantly remind your of your baby. Ways to stop lactation are:

  • Taking Vitamin B6 supplements may help in reducing your breast milk supply.
  • Sage tea is an effective home remedy, it can help you stop milk production.
  • Abstain from any nipple stimulation because any kind of vigorous touching or stimulation may increase your milk supply.
  • Cabbage leaves are known to be useful and can be used to suppress your breast milk production. Take some fresh cabbage leaves and wash them nicely. Put them in the refrigerator for some time. Apply the cold cabbage leaves on your breasts to put a stop to milk production, and also, to reduce any pain related to breast engorgement.
  • Hot waters can help soothe all the pain and soreness, the flow of warm water on your breasts may ease the milk flow too.
  • Herbs such as parsley and peppermint may prove to be helpful in reducing your breast milk supply.
  • Keep away all your tight or underwire bras for a while.
  • You can use an ice pack on your breasts to help relieve any sort of pain or tenderness. Make sure you do not keep the ice pack for more than 10-15 minutes.
  • If your breasts feel too full, you may use a breast pump to pump out excess milk. You may do so manually too.
  • You may take medication to stop lactation after miscarriage after consulting your doctor. Also, you may consume medicine to reduce your breast pain. 
  • You may get in touch with a lactation consultant to help establish the best ways to deal with this painful situation.

These steps may help you stop the lactation process but if it fails make sure to get it checked. Loosing a child is a hard time for a women seeking help is nothing to be ashamed for. Take care of your physical and mental health during this phase.


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