How To Spend Time With Yourself After Baby Birth?

me time after baby birth
Woman spending her Me time

Pregnancy is no less than roller coaster ride. Spending nine months taking care of your self, sacrificing your favorite food and taking birth classes can be hectic for you. Well, after nine months you finally meet the person you loves the most in the world. The first month is exhausting for you. Changing the diapers for at least 6 to 7 times that can extend for 10 times. Breastfeeding baby every two three times in a day. But whatever we say, all the sacrifices are worth for your small life. In between all of these, you forget your self. So, how to revive your self? How to spend time with yourself after baby birth?

Here are 10 ways you can spend time with yourself after baby birth:

Yoga and meditation

You need mental calmness and drop all of your stress levels to moderate. Meditation can be your savior. It will balance all of your mental stability. Yoga will act as a cherry on the cake. Yoga will help you with relaxation techniques and lessen chronic pain. We know that as the baby comes out, you need to accept insomnia. But by incorporating Yoga, it will lessen down your insomnia.


Many of the women fells down into the well of postpartum depression. The mental stress of not being in the pre-pregnancy shape haunts you! The workout will be one of the gateways from postpartum depression. You might say that there’s no time as the baby wants all of your attention. But during baby naps, you can complete your workout. There are many 10 minutes for the woman on YouTube.


After the pregnancy, you might have abdomen pain. Tell your partner to give you a message. Tell him to google some pressure point and give you a much-needed massage. If he can’t, go for massage for at least once in a week.

Daily writing

You might have forgotten the time when you used to write a diary for yourself. Start again! Writing will flood out all your emotions and make yourself feel better. If not, you can look over your timeline of nine months if you have recorded it. Preserving memories is always helpful.

Music, tune up your life.

For someone people, music can be the best gateway from the dull mood. Add some favorites on your iPod and hear it. I am sure your day will rejuvenate and get you all day along. It acts like meditation.


Woman and shopping go hand in hand. Hit some stores and buy yourself some clothes. Shopping will always make you happy and feel fresh. Get some pairs of clothes that will help you for next date night with your partner. Getting love is also one of the important factors to avoid postpartum depression.

Read! Read! Read!

Reading can give you some perspective. But most of the mom doesn’t want to read novels. Pick out your favorite magazine and flip the pages out. Read some celebrity gossips if you like it.

Join a group!

Join a group that includes new moms or is already moms. It will help you with the baby and will also help you to meet friends. Meet in some garden than some cafe’s or restaurant!

Salon time, freshen up please!

Pampering your self with massages and makeover will make you feel confident. Whether it’s your hair, nail, or something related to your body just do it! Self-love is important.

Walk & Talk

A morning or evening walk with your partner can bring the lost magic between you and him. So, take care that your partner feels like a third wheel when you’re with baby. Also, involve partner to bond with the baby.

I hope you liked our article and got some hacks to enjoy your “Me” time. You can share the article to your moms who are also going through the same problem of spending “me”


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