How to reduce belly fat after giving birth?

how to reduce belly weight after delivery
how to reduce belly weight after delivery

Expecting your belly to bounce back in as it was after childbirth is a completely wrong, even though your baby is out you may be surprised on how it still manages to look six months pregnant. It takes time for your belly to regain its usual form and is a slow and steady process. For most women it takes months to get rid of the “pregnancy pouch” and sometimes it never goes away entirely.

Here are a tips that will help you loose the belly weight after childbirth:


Breastfeeding is not just beneficial for the baby but it also helps to mother lose the baby weight faster compared to mothers who do not breastfeed.
Breastfeeding is a great way of reducing your baby belly as it triggers the contraction in the uterus. Thus, helps the uterus to attain its normal size by shrinking it, it also helps in burning extra calories. Some experts speculate that the body retains these extra fat stores to aid in milk production.

Belly wrapping

It is an old fashion way of trying reduce the belly pouch. It is believed that the compression caused by belly wrapping your abs may help the uterus to regain its normal size much sooner. It shows to be helpful for fixing postures and back pains.


Exercising is always an answer when one wants to get in shape but make sure you start only when your body is ready until then you can walk. After your body is ready a rigorous exercise regimen that includes an aerobic workout and movements that focus on the abdomen can work wonders. Yoga is also a great way to get your body some movement. Before you start with rigorous training make sure to consult with a doctor.


Massages don’t just let you be relaxed but it is also a great way when you are trying to lose belly weight. A massage can target the particular cellulite laden area which needs more attention.

Massaging in those areas can distribute and release the fat into the body for absorption. Massages also speed up metabolism that helps in losing weight. Massage can be most beneficial if it is planned after exercise or any other physical activity .


Maintaining a strict diet after childbirth is not recommended especially when you are breastfeeding. But just by looking at what you are eating and cutting down on all unhealthy carbs is a great way to lose some weight. You should wait for at least six weeks before you start to follow a strict diet routine.

Avoid stress

Being stressed after being giving birth is very normal and obvious but try to be as calm as you can because stress not just effects your mental health but also your physical health. Stress hormones cortisol into your bloodstream which causes, tiredness, irritability and weight gain or retention. High levels of cortisol can also increase your craving for sweet and fatty food.

Green tea

Green tea is a great source if you want to fasten up your weight loss process. Green tea contains antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals and also boost body metabolism which facilitates weight loss. 

It takes 9 months for you body to stretch and accommodate a baby inside of it, you can not expect it to get back in within just a few weeks, make sure you set realistic goals and not to go too hard on yourself.

Choosing strict diets and vigorous exercise will only make you more tired and irritable, instead of constantly worrying about your belly it is a great time to spend quality time with you baby and focus on it. Maintaing a helathy diet and moderate movement is a great start.


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