Electric V/s Manual Breast Breast Pump

electric and manual breast pump
electric V/s manual breast pump

There is always a debate between the Mom’s for Electric and Manual Breast Feed Pump. Which one is better or which one should prefer. You want everything for your newborn baby. But there’s also a question that is common among between the mothers. Why breast feed bump is used? Let’s look over it first

Why Breast pump is used?

We’ve compiled a list for why breast feed bump is used!Back to work: When mother’s maternity is over, it’s important to continue to provide baby breast milk. Therefore, breast pump comes at the rescue at such time.

Premature infant or sick

When the baby is sick, it’s difficult to nurse the baby. Therefore, breast bump helps to suffice the baby with feedings.

Relax Mom

When the baby is tired from the daily chores, it’s important to relax and at this time, breastfeed pump helps Mom to stay relaxed.

Maintain milk supply

Breastfeed pump helps to stimulate the milk and helps to maintain the milk supply.

Latching problem

Sometimes mother’s milk breasts are full and to make the baby latch on the breast, they need to get some milk out. Thus, with the help of a breast pump, it will make easier for baby to latch on.

Emergency storage

When the mother is sick, she can’t afflict the baby with the same disease. By freezing some milk it will help the baby out.

Dad bond

During the initial days, dad doesn’t get time to bond with the baby. With the help of a breastfeeding pump, you can bottle out the milk and give daddy some time to spend with the baby.

Electric Pump or Manual Breast Pump?

Mothers who like to nurse their baby and don’t pump out the milk more then once in a day, a manual feed pump is the best option for them. In the case of a electric breastfeed pump, working mothers don’t have time to breastfeed their baby. It’s easy to store the milk for the day. As it needs to be done fast, electric feed pump.

Pros And Cons Of Manual and Electric Breast Pump

Cost of Electric and Manual Breast Pump.

Of course, electric feed pump cost more than manual feed pump. But is it worth it? There are many electric pumps which are cheap these companies compromise with the quality. If you’re living in the US,
the Affordable Care Act mandates that the mother of the newborn gets the electric pump for free. So, to get the electric feed pump, check with your health insurance provider. If you buy, electric pump costs 30% more then manual pumps

Which one are easy to carry?

Manual feed pumps are easier to carry and easy to clean. In the case of the electric feed pump, you need a power source to charge the battery. But the electric one comes up with good packaging to keep all the things along.

Manual Pump pros

As they’re manual, manual pumps doesn’t have any type of irritating sound. The mother can also control the rate of discharge according to the comfort. You need to compress the lever suction to achieve suction and you need to squeeze it over and over. Thus, it can cause cramps.

Electrical feed pumps

Consider if electric pump took 15 minutes to pump out XYZ ml of milk, manual pump will take 45 minutes to get out the same out of milk.

What features electric feed pump should have?

  • It should have an adjustable vacuum for the comfort.
  • Pumps that will bottle out the milk from both breasts at once.
  • A model that is easy to clean and assemble then the bulky pumps.

I hope you liked our article and has helped with all of the questions in your mind. Share to your friends to make them know the difference between the two.


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