10 Things That Happens To Your Body After Pregnancy

body changes after delivery
body changes after delivery

If you’re pregnant or going to be pregnant and intrigued about the body changes after pregnancy. You have to right place. We will tell you about the 10 body changes that happens to your body after pregnancy. After welcoming the baby to this fantastic world, you need to take care of the baby and your body too. But do you know about the body changes after pregnancy?

Body changes after baby is out!

You become a cry baby

Well, your baby cries hits you with an anxiety attack. But baby crying is normal. A mother who just gave birth to the baby can be a cry baby. And that’s because of the adventure of hormonal changes in your body. This is also called postpartum depression. After the baby is born, a mother goes through a lot of stress, fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite and many other changes that can lead to depression for life! If you’re having symptoms of the above mentioned mental or body illness, consult a therapist now!


Oh, that doesn’t mean your body will get inflicted with scars. This means your vagina will outburst with a lot of bleeding during the menstrual period. It doesn’t matter if you have delivered your baby with normal delivery or C section, this is a common change after your baby is happily out in the world. And you don’t use the normal pads, they deluge you with thunder pads. It’s totally relieving!

You look fat without baby

If you’re giving excuses that it’s been a few months and got a lot of work, therefore I’m not working out. It’s a total fail! Hand over your baby to nanny for a few hours, hire a personal trainer and sweat! Admire celebrities who gave born to a baby but now are slim and trim.

Why my hair is falling out?

If you think why your hair is falling out after pregnancy? Don’t think much about that. It’s normal. But starting working out on your hair loss. Contact a good dermatologist and get your bold spot covered. If your hair were long as Rapunzel it might look like Rapunzel with some blind spots. It’s a scary nightmare but work on it!

Breast changes

During pregnancy, your breast swells up and makes you go to buy extended braces for bras, But after pregnancy, the milk is the most nutritious thing for a baby. The milk contains “colostrum” which contains antibodies and help baby to stay away from illness. The sad change in your breasts not only during feeding period but even after you have stopped feeding your baby. And it’s normal. So, no worries.

Vagina looks like…

Mess, Of course, there’s no doubt to it. Due to the intense stretch of pelvic during labor, the genital is messed up a bit. So try taking some contraception and doing some Kegel exercises, it will help to make it close to normal.

I don’t like my husband

This thought might surround your mind after you welcome the baby. It’s all hormonal changes. You know that right after giving birth you can’t make love to him. So, every time you see his face, you just want to kick him a punch. You will be like, “Want to fight with this crazy fat b*tch?”Or, “Don’t mess up with me?”

My Skin!

Skin of pregnant woman changes after pregnancy. Don’t look over the ugly stretch up marks, it will scare you to death. You need to give your crop tops a back seat. What about your face? After delivery, you might experience some breakouts. So, don’t feel scary!

I can’t stand straight

That’s because of back pain. You must have noticed or will be noticing that there was immense back pain during pregnancy. It will take some time to go back to normal!

May I got to Loo?

As your vagina part gets stretched, your bladder can’t fit a lot of liquid as it is weak. And due to this woman’s body changes, you will be pee a lot. But this gets better as the bladder muscle gets stronger over the period of time! You need to consume an adequate amount of fibers during this period to get back on the track

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