What To Do Before You Go Into Labor & Delivery?

what to do before labor and delivery
what to do before labor

Are you ready for delivery? Of course, no pregnant woman is ready for delivery. There is a lot of stress and anxiety going into a pregnant woman’s mind before labor comes into the picture. But if you look over your journey of getting pregnant and taking care accordingly. It was no less than a roller coaster ride. And if you are reading this and not pregnant, learning the things way before is much better. As a pregnant woman goes into trimester the stress just escalates to the peak. They are excited to welcome the baby but probably might not know about the checklist before your first contraction!

Let’s look over the 10 things to do before you got labor or experience your contraction

Breastfeeding basics

Breastfeeding is just not latching your baby to the nipple. It’s new to your baby and you. A type of new learning lesson for both of you. Therefore, read about the breastfeeding basics before you give birth to the baby as it will make it easier for you and of course your baby.

Set up a new whole world for baby

Go shopping. It will give you some fresh air and revive your body. Buy some clothes, toys, and crib. In short, set up a whole nursery for your newborn. Take help of your partner for doing so.

Look over your hospital bag

Take care that you get all the essential items you need to have in your hospital bag. Don’t forget about dark colored nightie[ in case of stains]. And also don’t forget about sanitary towels. To read more about the checklist of hospital bag, click here

Take childbirth class

Taking childbirth class before you experience your first contraction. It will make you feel confident during labor. The teacher will discuss your fears about pregnancy. They also teach you some relaxation techniques. The whole process will end up teaching you a lot of things about pregnancy.

Talk to the doctor about delivery options

During the course of pregnancy, you must hit at many ob-gyn’s altars. If you live in America, make sure that they’re a member of American Member of Pediatrician. Take advantage of them by asking every question that crops in your mind. Well, also decide that if you want to give birth at a hospital or special birthing center. Open the phone and search “birthing centers near me”. Look over the reviews and choose the best and close out of them.

Baby is here!

During labor, your partner and you don’t have any time to make a contact list and send all the baby’s information and photo. Once the baby is out you will not avert your eyes from the baby. Therefore to announce the baby arrives in the world, make a list and add to draft. Once the baby is out, you just need to type in the baby details and photos.

Stock up food

After baby arrives, your schedule is hectic. You don’t have time to buy in groceries and cook up some meals. Cooking up the meals like lasagna or meals which are easy to warm will give a big relief.

Set up your car

It’s difficult to set up the car once the baby has arrived. You and your partner are already stressed up and reading the instruction to install the seat correctly will fry up your brain. Therefore, set up your car before the baby arrives.

A letter to the baby

A tears of joy arrives when your baby welcomes to this fantastic world. You want to make sure that your baby knows about your pregnancy journey, funny moments, and the names you shortlisted for him/her. And give them when they’re 16 or 18 years old. See their reaction after this. I hope it’s priceless.

Just me!

Taking care of something for nine months is not easy. The sacrifices you had to go by not eating your favorite food because it’s bad for baby is totally worth it. Now before your major contraction hits in, have “your’ day and focus on yourself by chilling around, getting out with your friends and going on a date with your partner.

Now, bring it on check list or print it and check over the things you did before you into labor. We hope that you liked our article. Share to your pregnant friends and help them to make their checklist


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