Second Trimester Pregnancy Week By Week

Second Trimester Pregnancy
Second Trimester Pregnancy

If you’re done with your one-third part of your pregnancy journey, Congrats. In this article, you will get to know about the baby development and body changes of your week by week. The second trimester is the time when really roller coaster ride starts. Well, sometimes it’s overwhelming but enthralling.

How many weeks the second trimester of pregnancy exists?

We know that the first trimester ends at thirteen weeks of pregnancy. So, the second trimester exists from week of 14 to the end of 27th week of pregnancy. It’s the time when you’re baby becomes size of chicken breast. The baby starts to add on the weight and exercise his limb in the womb.

What are the body changes and baby changes in the second trimester?

Week 14

At the beginning of 14 weeks, you will have cramps and you need to get used to it. This is because of your muscles and ligament expansion to accommodate your baby. Your appetite increases and you get the urge to eat more. It’s due to the baby as you need to feed the baby too. Take care that you need to intake 300 more calories for the baby. At the beginning of the second trimester, you will notice that your hair has become thinner and shinner. It’s one of the advantages of pregnancy

Week 15

Your gums become more sensitive during this period. This is the time when you’re baby can move his limbs and joints. It’s the time when your baby can sense the lights. Your nose becomes stuffy by this week. The baby might even star hiccuping by this week.

Week 16

Baby’s hair starts to sprout by this week. Now, your baby has become as big as avocado. Talking about your body, your face becomes more lustrous. This is another advantage of pregnancy.

Week 17

By this week, the baby’s heart doesn’t palpitate spontaneously, it gets synchronized with the help of the baby’s brain. The soft cartilage of the baby slowly gets converted into bone. Don’t be surprised if your vaginal discharge and mucus are in full discharge. As you are putting on weight, you might get stretch marks. You can read the article on how to avoid stretch marks here.

Week 18

In this week, your baby’s genital are formed. Your hands and legs might get swell. Your veins can turn into blue or purple color. This is due to the pressure by the baby on circulatory system. These pressure can make your nose bleed. If you’re pregnant with twins, you might get surprised with baby kicks.

Week 19

You can get severe ligament pain by this week. And if you like singing, your baby will hear your soothing sound. The baby nerves are working on all the senses of the body.

Week 20

Your baby is a size of normal banana by this week. And your’e on the half way to your pregnancy. The baby is swallowing more as the development of digestive system is getting better day by day.

Week 21

The most amazing thing about baby is that he has eyebrows now. And by this time there are higher chances that you will expect baby kicks. By this time, your uterus practices for labors also called Braxton Hicks contraction. Your mammary glands are fully developed by this time and it can result into leaks.

Week 22

By this time, people around you will touch your belly frequently. This is because of baby kicks and your baby now looks like a miniature new born. It would be difficult to catch up with breath.

Week 23

By this week, your baby knows when you walk or sit. There would be increase in the swelling of your feet. Pregnancy leads to increase in the blood flow and your might gums might bleed or swell.

Week 24

Your belly has become a size of soccer ball and your baby has become long and lean. The back pains will get worse day by day. If they’re unbearable consult your doctor right now.

Week 25

You’re urinating frequency skyrockets and gas forms a cloud out of your body. Well, not exactly. It’s just your digestion gets slow down and also cause heartburn. In this week, capillaries born in the baby’s body to carry oxygenated blood.

Week 26

Your baby is breathing. He is inhaling and exhaling small amount of amniotic fluid. The baby also starts blinking their eye lids. During this period, you can experience trouble in sleeping. Drink plenty of water and watch your caffeine intake.

Week 27

The baby is sucking his fingers by this time. Well, keep stretching your legs and back to avoid cramps. At this point, there are chances of preterm labor. So look over any bleeding, watery discharge and frequent contractions, consult your doctor

We hope that you got all required information about baby changes during second trimester of your pregnancy.


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