Food Items To Eat during pregnancy

food to eat during pregnancy
food to eat during pregnancy

Delicious Pizzas, Pastas, and sweets will make you drool any time of the day. But now you’re pregnant or will be pregnant in the future you need to avoid junk food during pregnancy. If you want a healthy baby, you need to maintain your balanced diet. Compromising of your balanced diet is no less then compromising over your baby. So, stay healthy and balance your body with a good diet. In this article, we will cover the power foods during pregnancy or recommended food during pregnancy.

We will enlist you 10 food items to eat during pregnancy.

Don’t worry they won’t make you lose all of your taste buds.

Nonfat pasteurized milk

Drinking milk is highly nutritious and its big source of calcium. Milk contains amino acids, good amount of protein, and fatty acids that helps baby to develop nervous system faster.  The iron and calcium content in the milk helps to develop bones and supply more oxygen to the baby. According to research, a pregnant woman should have at least 150ml of milk every day.

Breakfast meal

A fortified Breakfast meal is most important to the pregnant woman.  This type of meal is crunchy, yummy, and made with whole grain. So, it tastes good. Most of the Nestle products are fortified. The term fortified means rich in nutrients.  Kellogs is one of the examples of fortified cereal. It contains Vitamin B which is very important for pregnant woman for whole 9 months.

White or Brown

Please give white grain a back seat. No racism here. Food items out of Brown grain is healthy. If we talk about the taste, it doesn’t differ much. According to experts, a pregnant woman should at least consume 25-30grams of fiber every day.

Sweet potatoes

Who doesn’t like Sweet potatoes? Okay, if you don’t like it, you got more options. There are more food items to come. But Sweet Potato is rich in Vitamin A. And it’s a must for a pregnant woman. It doesn’t matter if your sweet potatoes are mashed or roasted, it delivers 400% more Vitamin A than any other food items in the list.


A pregnant woman should avoid eating raw eggs. Eggs are highly rich in protein. It contains choline which contributes to overall development of body and brain. If we talk of unborn baby, consuming eggs will avoid diseases like spina bifidia and anencephaly. One of the benefits of having eggs is that it helps to regulate the cholesterol of the body.

Family of Legumes

The family of legumes includes peas, beans, chickpeas, peanuts, lentils, and soya beans. Legumes are rich in Vitamin B. Deficiency of Vitamin B and folates in your body can make your prone to diseases. Thus, weak immune system. It also increases the risk of low birth weight and neural tube defects.


Fishes contain a lot of proteins. But take care that doesn’t eat raw or unprocessed meat during pregnancy. Salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids. This helps to develop the brain and eyes of the fetus. Well, it sounds great. But also take care that it should not be consumed more than two times a week as Salmon contains mercury and other contaminants.

Go Green

Sounds disgusting. Right? But you need to have a hold over the green part. Broccoli, and all type of leafy vegetables act as antioxidants.  If you eat Cooked Spinach it’s the best for heath, as it contains high folate and Vitamin A. Broccoli provides Vitamin C to the body.


This is a smart choice. Many of mom to be refrain from peanuts as they might contain allergies.  Therefore, check it if they’re stale or not. Until, pregnant woman is not allergic to peanuts, it’s a great choice. If we want to make a check sheet of peanuts, it’s rich in calcium, manganese, various types of Vitamin B, iron and potassium. It got antioxidant traits. Peanuts can help to cure skin ailments and also help to regulate blood sugar levels.  It also helps in regulating cholesterol, and bone development. This dry fruit is a box of delight!

We hope that this article has helped you to choose over your food items during pregnancy. It would be great if you share this article with pregnant to be or pregnant friends!


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