Vaccines To Take Before & After Pregnancy

Pregnancy Vaccination
Pregnancy Vaccination

Vaccines has helped world to tackle serious illness and diseases. A mother to be needs to take certain vaccines that will protect the baby and will act as a defense mechanism for the baby. There are certain vaccines a pregnant woman to be, should avoid or take a mandatory shot of it!

Types of Vaccines

There are three types of vaccines: Live virus, dead virus, and toxoids. If you’re planning to get pregnant, you should avoid live virus vaccines. For example, a pregnant woman can’t rubella[MMR] or combines measles vaccines. These vaccines can harm the unborn baby. Dead virus vaccines like the flu shot, and toxoids vaccines like tetanus, diphtheria or pertussis are safe!

Vaccines To Take!

Before you plan for pregnancy, you should take a pre-pregnancy test. It will help you to find about the diseases your body is immune to. Well, if the reports says false to immune diseases, one should take a shot before getting pregnant. One of the highlights of these vaccines is, they are made from live viruses. Thus, a pregnant woman need to wait for one month after getting shots to get pregnant.

Rubella, measles, and mumps: These are one of the contagious disease and cause if not vaccinated can cause serious harm to the baby. If pregnant woman is not vaccinated with MMR’s, it can cause rash and join aches. If you got MMR’s there’s chance of miscarriage. This can be the worst thing happened to a mother. It can also increase the chances of birth defects.

Chicken Pox Vaccine: If the mother of the baby is not vaccinated with Chicken pox and gets afflicted with Chicken pox within five months of pregnancy, it can cause serious birth defects. Birth defect like paralyzed limbs can occur to the baby. It can also pass on a serious infection to the baby.

Hepatitis B Vaccine: Hepatitis is a viral infection that can cause deadly infection to the baby. The infection can cause liver cancer, nausea, and inflammation, tiredness, and jaundice too. You can get this shot before the pregnancy and during the pregnancy too. But take care that you get the shot in first trimester.

 Pneumococcal vaccine: If the pregnant to be woman is afflicted with diabetes or kidney disease, one should not avert their eyes from Pneumococcal vaccine. Well, it’s not full proved about the harm to the baby but believed that risk is not that considerable. But you can’t compromise over the baby’s health.

Hepatitis A Vaccine: A is less harmful then B. It can avoid liver disease spread through food and water. Well, in worst case it can contribute to premature labor and infection to the infant,

Two Shots you can’t miss!

Flu shots: This shot is recommended for a woman during pregnancy and flu season. Ask your doctor that shot should be made froman inactivated virus. Avoid nasal spray made from live viruses.

Tdap vaccine: Tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis should be taken during pregnancy. Only one shot of Tdap vaccine is enough to protect the baby. According to a website, one dose of Tdap should be given between 27 to 36 weeks of pregnancy.

If a woman is allergic to any of the vaccines they need to ask for an alternative from the doctor.

We have seen around that many of the parents avoid vaccines to their baby. Please don’t avoid any of the vaccines.

The above article written is for informational purposes. Before believing to any of the points, one should consult a doctor. If you liked the article and helped you, article can be shared and help a woman to build her confidence during pregnancy!


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