How To Get Pregnant Fast?


Finally, you have decided to grow the family of two to three. And you want to get pregnant faster! The feeling of welcoming own baby is just amazing! Nourishing him every day to make him/her healthy and getting rid of bad habits, just for your baby is the best sacrifice! The easiest way to get pregnant is to make love. And everybody knows about that. But to get pregnant is not an one night job. It needs a proper plan!

Here are the steps you need to include in your life to get pregnant fast!

  • Start intake of prenatal vitamins: You must have heard that prenatal vitamins only help baby’s development, right? But it also helps you to pregnant faster! These vitamins are considered as one of the important factors of diet before pregnancy and during pregnancy. It contains folic acid that helps the baby grow and prevents any baby defects. It also promotes ovulation, helps infertility, and floods you with a lot of nutrients. It contains Vitamin C, A, and copper which are important for the unborn baby. So go to your nearest store and buy them now.
  • Exercise: Getting a good evening walk and little stretch ups will always keep you fit until you give junk food a back seat. But studies also show that extreme exercises can lead to exhaustion and can affect menstrual activities. So, slow down a bit! Give a pause to your high-intensity functional training.
  • Hello Dentist: Studies suggest that bad gums affect babies during pregnancy. It brings on defects like underweight and premature labor. So, call your dentist, if you’re planning to get pregnant!
  • Healthy diet: We know that healthy diet is important even not you want to get pregnant. But the real reason to get a healthy diet is to increase progesterone levels that aids early implantation and ovulation.
  • Birth control: There are chances that you might get pregnant with protection[ companies guarantee 98% safety] So, there are only 2% chances of you getting pregnant with safety on! That was bit sarcastic. Well, stop taking birth control to stop your hormones to not give any ignorance to sperm. If a woman is on birth control for longer time, it takes three to four weeks to get on regular life cycle of yours.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: Track down your ovulation cycle

Almost all of the woman know about their menstrual period cycle. The average menstruation cycle is between 25 to 36 days. So knowing when your ovulation will begin gives you a good jump start towards the journey of pregnancy. So use the ovulation calculator to track down your cycles over the months. This will help you to determine the ovulation period and you can start working on bringing a new life in your life. You will know you’re ovulating when you have light spotting or sudden increase in your basal temperature.

Tonight’s going to be a good “sex”

As of now about ovulation, try to hit inside the sheets before the ovulation and after ovulation. Having sex daily will benefit you more! But more then once can drop down the sperm count. So, don’t go too wild! Here down are an important factor before bonding sperm and eggs.

  • Lubricants: Lubes can give you a good sex but lubes can make your sperm die before they meet their “one”.
  • Let’s have bath: Avoid having refreshing and reviving bath after the sex. It will break down your dream to get pregnant faster to the ground!
  • Position matters: No. It doesn’t matter what position you like. All positions will give you same results and it will not faster your pregnancy chances.

How much time it will take to conceive?

According to researches and survey’s, more then one-fourth population of couple, conceive after one month of regular sex. And it extends till one whole year.

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