Here are 10 Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

Before Getting Pregnant
Before Getting Pregnant

Finally you and your partner are ready for a baby! Congratulations for taking the first step for becoming parents. But there are couple of things for couple to discuss and cut off before you or your partner gets pregnant. Being pregnant is one of the most admirable journey for woman around the world. Welcoming the baby in the new world and taking care as of your most delicate part of your life, feels amazing. The journey of carrying your baby for the first time, changing their dirty diapers and evolving into the little monsters who introduces you to insomnia, if you have not. It’s scary but yet worth every second. Let’s discuss the 10 things a couple and pregnant to be a woman should do before getting pregnant

For pregnant woman : If you and your partner were indulging into sex without protection, stop it now. Well, it’s because your partner is taking pills to avoid pregnancies. The main reason for stop taking the pill is that it gives you time to know about your menstruation cycle. It might take time to get on the regular tracks once you ditch your pill. It aids you to know about the month, you’re most fertile! So, say Bye Bye Pills!

We need to talk: You can use a more delicate way to tell that your partner that’s it time to welcome the baby. Talk everything about the baby. Your work cycle during pregnancy and at least one year after welcoming the baby. Talk about schools your child need to attend. Talk about the priorities you have in your life, fears during and after pregnancy, and all the things that can lead to stress burst out. So, text your partner, “We need to talk…about the baby” now!

  • I love caffeine: I love caffeine. But if you’re thinking about getting pregnant, avoid caffeine or if you can’t avert your eyes from caffeine, at least limit it. Limit your caffeine intake up to 100 milligrams a day. But for not compromising over baby, avoid caffeine at least in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Don’t sit around: The baby bump will make you sit around for hours. Will make you uncomfortable and pee all day around. Go outside to roam, to enjoy your months or weeks before pregnancy. There’s no doubt that your nine months will be more reminiscing then your few weeks. Go out and watch movies with your partner, suffice yourself with some adventures.
  • Watch your weight: If you’re a bit healthy or obese now. Please shed your weight now. You know that the weight of the mother increases by 25 to 40 pounds. So, take care that you lose at least 10 to 15 pounds before getting pregnant. It will lead to less hustle during pregnancy. So, step on your scale and watch your weight.
  • Baby funds: We know that you can’t sum up money for your baby’s college fees and all. But we are not stepping into the future. Pregnancies can be way more expensive than anticipated. According to Business Insider, the average cost to have a baby is up to 10,000 without any baby complications. And start building the funds, brick by brick.
  • Mom is my best friend: Your mom has gone through the phase of pregnancy. She can prepare you for the pregnancy journey. Ask her all about the little things you fear about. She can really make you feel confident during pregnancy and strong during labor.
  • Say Cheese: To your doctor. Get your gums and teeth checked to your dentist. According to many websites and research, it is believed that gums problem can lead to the sobbing gateway of miscarriage. Baby care should be on the paramount.
  • Stop spending money: We know we did discuss baby funds and all. But we are talking about stop squandering money on clothes. Fill up your wardrobes with maternity clothes. Your nine months clothes or for more.[ if you’re thinking about getting pregnant again]
  • Pre-pregnancy checkup: Checkup is important if you’re thinking to get pregnant. Go to your ob-gyn at least three months of getting pregnant. Look over all of your health issues and make a list if anyone of them can affect the baby.

We hope that you have liked the article. If there are any of your mother to be friends in your list, share this article to them. Helping woman for baby check list can be the best thing to do.


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