Check-Ups And Test To Do Before & During Pregnancy!

checkups before and during pregnancy
checkups before and during pregnancy

Giving birth to a baby and starting with parenting feels like a dream come true to some woman. Their dreams don’t get fulfilled due to some health related problems. But if you really want a baby and want to get pregnant, you need to do some checkups and test before pregnancy. Some of them are mandatory to do and someone of them helps you through the journey of pregnancy. So, what is the checklist before pregnancy?

Here are the Checkups and test to do before pregnancy!

Pelvic exam

Check up your vagina, cervix, uterus, and ovaries will make sure that your parts are healthy or not. This exam will also help to determine if you have any fertility problems. If you have, you can article on 10 ways to boost your fertility. It will surely help to take steps and also don’t forget to consult a doctor

A Pap test

This test will make sure that there are no cancer cells in your body. Scientists have proved that cancer can be spread in the womb and the baby and mother will get borne to same cancer disease.

Blood type and Rh-factor

Sampling your blood is very important, it’s the easiest way to check the health of your body. If we talk about Rh factor, if it’s negative it doesn’t have any risks before pregnancy. But if your baby’s Rh factor is positive it can affect the baby’s red blood cells.

Genetic Counselor

Any health conditions in your family or in you will help the genetic counselor to consult you with any birth defects possible in your future baby or not.

Herpes Test

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. Do a test even you have never got herpes. In rare condition, herpes can cause miscarriage and serious birth defects.

How can you forget HIV

If you try to conceive, the HIV test is one of the most tests for human beings. This can get transmitted to babies and pass on through breastfeeding too.

Syphilis test

According to a survey, up to 40% of babies die from untreated Syphilis. Therefore, screen yourself through Syphilis. Don’t compromise anything over baby’s health

There are more tests and screenings you need to go over before getting pregnant. What are they? Look down!

Cystic Fibrosis

Generally called as CF. Getting screened for CF is important as if found it can cause a problem during breathing and digestion.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

SMA is a disease that can directly hit to nerve cells and can act as a wood log during moving, breathing, and swallowing!


This blood condition makes your body to make fewer red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Dentist help me!

Why? According to studies, Gum problems are linked to miscarriage, low weight, and other birth defects.

Vaccines: Take care that you have taken all the important vaccines. You can check over the vaccines to take and not to during and before pregnancy here.

Check ups and screening to do during pregnancy!

Neural tube defects

If baby goes through neural tube defect, baby’s spinal and nervous system doesn’t develop properly and that can cause the spinal split. Well, neural defects one pregnant woman in thousand. But to take precautions, one should start increasing intake of folate acid. There are folate-fortified foods that will help you to keep your baby and you healthy. It is usually diagnosed during the ultrasound that is around 12 weeks into pregnancy.

Dating Scan

Dating scan or Ultrasound scan is carried twice during the whole journey of pregnancy. The first one determines the baby due date and also helps to detect problems like spinal Bifida.

Things to take care before you go for check up!

Always book a prior appointment before going for check up. And list down the question you need to ask your gynecologist. It will save up money and time. Talk with your partner about any health issues he has or in his family!

We hope that you liked this article on check ups! Share to your “want to be” mother friends. And make them feel confident about pregnancy.


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