When and how to sleep train your baby?

sleep train your baby
sleep train your baby

Teaching your baby to sleep independently is not a simple process. Sleep training helps both you and the baby to get all the sleep you have missed. Baby’s sleep is very important as most of their brains develop when they are asleep.

When to sleep train?

Each baby is different, but for most babies at around 6 months you can start to sleep train your baby. By 4 to 6 months the baby knows a few things such as rolling over, sucking its fingers and a few other thing. At around 4 to 6 months your baby’s circadian rhythm or sleep pattern is also developing slowly, which shows that your baby is ready for sleep training.

How to sleep train?

Choosing how to sleep train plays an important role when you want it to work effectively . You will have to sleep train the baby in a way that it suits your family and your baby only then it will work. Sleep training is more like a trial and error method as you will keep have to trying to make it as effective as it can. Diffrent methods of sleep training are:

Fading sleep training:

In this process you make your baby fall asleep like you usually do expect you keep reducing the time by each time, this works best for parents who do not want to see there a baby crying. This method will take you days and a lot of patience for it to work.

Crying out loud method:

This method is very hard for the parents because no parents can watch there kids crying and is most often is avoided by parents to use this method. In this method you let your drowsy baby sleep and if they cry you soothe them without picking them up. Walk out of the room after a while and give them time to self soothe. By this process, the baby will cry for less time with each day learn to sleep alone.

Pick up and Put down method:

This method exactly as the name suggests, you pick up the baby when it is crying and soothe and calm it down and put them back. You will have to repeat this method several times. This is a gentle method that will assure the baby that you are around. However, it can require a good amount of patience and may not be ideal for all babies. Some babies may even feel worked up due to the constant picking up.

The chair method:

In this method, you will have to be available all the time or you and your partners can take turns, you just place a chair next to the babies crib and sit there until they fall asleep you do not get up and soothe the baby if they cry. Each day you take the chair further away till it is out of the room. It may also take a few days or weeks to how effectiveness.

The ‘Ferberizing’ Method:

Ferberizing was developed by Richard Ferber, the director of the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Children’s Hospital. This method associated certain events with sleep time, like rocking or bathing. After this, you can place the baby in the crib, say goodnight and walk out. If your baby cries, you can walk in after an interval of 5 or 10 minutes to console your baby. Console the baby without picking it up If he cries, you can check on him again, each time, after a slightly longer interval, 10 to 15 minutes. Continue this until your baby falls asleep on his own.

No tears method:

In this method, you console the baby each time they cry, make that your baby feeds enough throughout the day to establish the connection between eating in the day and sleeping in the night. Use a specific word to denote sleep time and say it before bedtime each day. You may even use the same word if he wakes up in the middle of the night. Only respond and comfort when your baby is crying and awake.

It takes different babies different ways and time span to sleep train, there is no need to worry if it is taking longer for you baby. Most methods take around a week or more to establish and implement.


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