Types Of Baby Poop & What They Mean?

baby poop color meaning and types

How is your baby doing? Is your baby healthy? You can tell all of it by looking over the baby poop. Before writing this article, I was about to vomit but one day I need to be a father and learn all about this. So, to all of the first time mothers and fathers, here is the complete guide to your “Why your baby poop is this color?” or “Poop decoder” and of course the type of baby poops

Types of New Born Baby Poop

New born baby bowel movement for the first time is called
meconium. It is sticky, tar like substance and it’s totally normal for the newborns. After the 24 hours, meconium disappears and there is a transition in the poop.

Dark greenish or black baby poop color

This transition happens after 24 hours of baby delivery. It might contain mucus into it. Well, you might get surprised by the blood in the poop, but it’s normal. It is mostly due to the swallowed blood during the delivery by the baby. And after that the color totally depends on what you feed the baby.

Mustard Yellow baby poop color

If you’re breastfeeding your baby then the poop of your baby is mustard yellow in color. It can be loose, and sometimes watery too. If the baby is formula fed, the poop is softer then the usual one but more formed then the usual. And the color changes to pale yellow.

Baby Poop Color Guide

Dark brown baby poop color

Introduction of solid foods to the baby will make the baby poop to thick and dark brown in color. It will become more smelly over night. And for the baby, the food they eat gets reflected in their color. So, don’t be surprised if they have some unusual color of their poop.

Watery Green Poop color

If your baby has the watery green poop it is possible that your baby is afflicted with diarrhea. Make sure that your baby is hydrated all the time and provide him with liquids all the time. Diarrhea can cause diaper rash and can irritate the baby.

Brown, Dry, and Hard Poop color

If your baby’s poop is hard and are coming out in form of pellets. This can be sign of constipation. If you think that using some home remedies will help the baby. Please don’t. Consult the doctor and ask for the treatment.

Pink or red color baby poop color

We learned that baby poop can have blood in it due to swallow of blood during delivery or from the nipples if your breasts have cracked up. But if it’s occurring even after some time, the baby might have milk allergy.

Chalk White Baby Poop color

White poop can be sign of dairy allergy or even the liver diseases. Contact your pediatrician to feel a sigh of relief.

Green Slimy Baby Poop color

If the baby poop is light yellow or green in color, it might be due to teething. Thus, mucus in saliva don’t get digested. Contact your pediatrician if the things continue for a day or more.

Black and thick poop color

If the baby poop is black and thick at the age of three months old, it might be possible that there’s some problem with digestive tract of the body. Well, iron supplements and iron fortified formula can also turn it black. But do check with pediatrician.

What if your newborn is not pooping?

Newborns pooping less then five times a day is rare for breastfeed babies. If it’s happening, the reason behind is, baby is not getting enough food to eat. Well, if your baby is not pooping for more then three days in a row, it can be sign of constipation. Call pediaitrician now

We hope that this article has helped you with the full guidance about baby’s poop and color.


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