Reasons why your baby is crying

baby crying reasons
baby crying reasons

Babies crying is pretty normal, it is there only way of communication. Crying is at its peak in around 6 weeks and can be different for each baby. A baby cries for an average of 3 hours a day. As your baby grows you keep having a better understanding of the baby crying which will help you to stop it. The more quickly you respond to the baby crying the faster it will stop. Some babies cry a lot over a long period of time. Nothing seems to comfort them. This is often called colic. Crying might help newborn take control of her environment.

Here are reasons why your baby could be crying and ways to soothe it for them:


Hunger is one of the most common reasons why your baby could be crying. You’d be surprised by how often they get hungry with their tiny stomach. Even though they cannot hold much in it, you should go ahead and give them some milk. It will fill its hungry stomach and soothe her which will result in her not crying anymore.  They can go from zero to screaming pretty quickly if they haven’t eaten for a while.  If you notice your baby crying and liking its fingers or lip smacking it could be because of hunger.


Sleeping for babies is also something that has to be taught to them just like any other activity, how to get your baby to sleep is different from baby to baby, certain thing such as swaddling, making them a comfy bed, cuddling can help the baby fall asleep. Babies do not need schedules to sleep they should be put to sleep whenever they seem sleepy. Some parents think that if they cut down on the afternoon nap it will help the baby sleep better at night which will just exhaust the baby and which will make it harder for the baby to fall asleep.

Nappy change

Some babies find it very uncomfortable to wear wet diapers, so they show the irritation by simply crying, whenever your baby is crying make sure you check the diaper or take an sniff at it to know if it needs to be changed.


If you notice your baby crying right after being fed it could be because it needs to burp. There can be several other instances were the baby wants to burp, the sooner you get a burp out of them it will calm them down. You can use several techniques and choose what works for you to make the baby burp.

Cry for attention

Sometimes your baby does not need a reason to cry, it will just start crying and it could be because it wants attention. No swing or bed can comfort your kid as you can. Just the warmth of your body helps the baby feel secure. Cuddling and playing with the baby can help it to stop crying. Baby needs the mother during its rapid growth and a changed environment.


Teething can start in around 4 months. When the pain sets in, an uptick in baby crying is pretty much guaranteed. Other signs of teething are excessive drooling and gnawing on anything within reach. Chewing on frozen teether or a towel can help relieve the baby. Massaging the gums of the baby can also help the baby to feel better.

Too hot or too cold

Sometimes the cause of the baby crying is due to feeling too hot or too cold. Adding on an extra layer of clothing can sometimes be too much for the baby and uncomfortable, removing a layer will help calm the baby down. For some babies, they get irritable with a wet diaper or feeling the cold air on the body or sometimes even water.

The best way to stop a baby from crying is to know the reason behind it. If you fail to understand the reason try different techniques to help the baby feel calmer. swaddling, swinging, cuddling, or sucking on to something are common ways of helping the baby from crying.


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