How To Massage Your Baby?

how to baby massage newborn baby
how to baby massage newborn

To soothe your little ones from the daily tiredness and deluge him with a lot of love, massaging your baby should be included in the baby’s daily routine. Stimulating the baby with the touch will help to make the baby more responsive and joyful. According to experts, mother should wait for 10 days to massage baby with oil. Before getting down to, “How to massage your baby?”,we will jot down the benefits of massage.

Why Massage is Important/Benefits?

Massage helps parents to communicate with their child. Benefits of baby massage are as follows:

Relaxation and Sleep

Massaging helps the nervous system to relax and also aids the baby to sleep. It also provides nourishment to the skin. Baby massage also helps with intellectual development.

Baby Relief

We know that baby gets afflicted with stomach related problems frequently. Problems like gas or digestion problem hits them more often. By relieving the baby’s tummy by properly massaging your baby will help the baby to get rid of it.

Confident with the baby

You stimulate the baby with your touch. It ultimately increases the tenderness and love towards the baby and vice-versa. It will help you to know about the baby’s requirements by getting cues from the baby itself.

Improves Blood Circulation

Baby massage will help to improve the blood circulation by improving the digestion tract, avoiding teething and congestion. Ultimately, it will decrease the level of discomfort caused by gas and acidity

Postnatal depression

Most of the mothers goes through postpartum depression that is due to the depression related to their mental condition. While, postnatal depression is the depression related to the baby. Therefore, to decrease the postnatal depression, massaging your baby will help you to heal.

What’s the best way to massage your baby?

There is a step to step guidance for the baby massage and also body part massage guidance to give your baby the best time he needs.

How to start with it?

Take care that your baby is alert during the massage. Use a blanket/towel and oil in one entity container. Use the oil at one spot of the baby and wait for one day to check if there’s irritation or not. Make sure that the room is not that cold or hot. Maintain room temperature. Place the baby on the blanket in front of you and take care that the light inside the room is not dull.

Part by part body massage


Hold the baby’s wrist and relax his upper arm by tapping gently on it. Shape the palm in C-shaped and massage your baby’s arm in circular strokes. Start from the upper arm and gently go down the fingers of the baby. So, make sure that you’re massaging the baby you’re stroking the arms in circular motion.


Massaging the legs is similar to the arms. You need to hand and use the circular strokes over her legs. Don’t forget to massage the thighs.


Head massage for the babies can be quiet a task. Gently place your index finger on the forehead and move your index finger like a swing on his forehead. Take care of fontanel, it’s the softest part of baby’s head.


Don’t your baby on his stomach. Take care that your baby’s hands are not on side lines. It should be front of him. Gently move all of your fingers from upward top of the back towards the buttock. After doing it, place your middle finger and index finger on side of spinal cord and go downward.


It’s the most delicate part of the baby’s body. Gently put your palm just below the chest and start with the circular strokes. When you go downward avoid the belly button as that area can be sensitive due to the umbilical cord stub. After doing that, gently press baby’s feet towards abdomen.


Start the massaging of your chest from center of the chest and towards the extremities of the shoulder.

What’s the best time to massage your baby?

There is a common misconception that massaging just before sleeping period is the only best time for massaging. But that’s wrong. The best time to indulge the baby in massage is morning or evening. Well, the time to massage baby is between their two feeding sessions. The least gap between the last feeding time and massaging should be 45 minutes. And don’t feed the baby at least before 15 minutes after the baby massage session is done.

As you know that many of them provide oil massage to the baby. Therefore, massaging your baby before a bath can also help to wash off the oil. And just before the sleep will make him sleep for a longer period. Maintain the routine every day as baby loves predictability.

A massage can end in 10 minutes and extend till 30 minutes. It all depends on the mood of the baby. Don’t make it ticklish and apply gentle pressure.


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