10 Reasons Why Babies Cry!

reasons baby cry
reasons baby cry

The only time you have tears of joy and baby has actual tears is when he is born. That feeling is superlative and can’t be compared to anything. Now you have given birth to your baby, you will experience insomnia as your baby wakes you up in the middle of night. Makes you go through the phase of fatigue, but that’s totally reminiscing memory for you. But do you know the reason behind why babies cry. Well, baby is crying and baby’s diapers is wet is not the only two reasons!

Here are the reasons why babies cry!

I love crying

It might sound weird but baby below five months loves crying. Okay, not exactly love but they cry due to colic. It’s a traditional persistent crying term for the baby. Make your baby cuddle and feel secured by holding him close to you will make him sleep. So, the next time he cries, there can be no reason behind it!

Excuse me

I need to burp. If your baby is crying right after eating food it might be because of gas. Sometimes baby swallows air when they’re fed food. To make your baby feel better you can pat him at the back by hold the baby together! So, if you see your baby crying right after feeding, there’s a higher probability that he wants to get burped.


Babies need to be fed when they’re hungry. Otherwise, they will scream at top of their pitch. Well, take care that they’re not hungry. According to experts, a baby should be fed 1.5-3.0 ounces every after 2-3 hours. By the way, they usually make, “neh” sound when babies are hungry. Now you got the trick to not sing in his tune. Happy parenting!

Dirty diaper

Would you like to stay in the dirty diapers? No, right? Newborn baby diapers need to be changed for at least 6-7 times a day. There are diapers in the market which changes their color when it’s wet. So, it’s a type of wetness indicator. That’a total savior for parents! So when your baby becomes snappy it’s time for dappy[diaper]. Would you help me to extend the jingle?

Sweet tooth

During the teething period, babies get irritated. As their gums are swollen. The teething period can start from early as six months. To soothe them or reduce the gnawing pain, they can use pacifier or thumb to reduce the pain and their crying. The feeling of seeing your baby’s first tooth is just amazing!

Don’t use synthetic fibers

Overlayering your baby with clothes and using of synthetic fibers can make them irritated. Therefore, take care that you don’t overdress them Usually, one layer is enough for the baby.

I’m alone

We know that babies are small and unlike adults, they don’t urge for attention. But it happens. They don’t like to be alone. Play with them, snuggle them, and make them feel loved. According to experts, “Young babies should be attended to empathically and quickly so their systems learn to be calm instead of agitated or aggravated.”

Try to look over the pattern

Once you have a baby, get used to their crying. But don’t overlook them. Concentrating on their crying sounds and pattern will make you a better pattern. Now, the next time if the baby cries, you know what exactly the baby needs? And if your baby doesn’t stop crying for a long period, contact pediatrician now!

A lot of attention

There should be a balance between “I’m not alone” to “There are a lot of people around”. Babies start crying when they get a lot of attention. Don’t over stimulate the baby. We know that his/her uncles and aunties would love to see her, but gathering on baby’s face will make him/her go crazy!

Now, you know about the 10 reasons why babies cry but do you know how to make your baby sleep? Click here. Well, if you have found this informational useful, share to your new mother friends or pregnant friends. It will make them feel confident!


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