10 Fun & Educational Games For Kids

fun and educational games for kids
fun and educational games for kids

It’s very important to keep the kids entertained. They got a lot of mood swings at this age. They would enjoy a game for at least half an hour and would get bored of it. Therefore, you need to introduce the variations in the game every now and then. To avoid the brainstorm of your mind, you need to have a list of fun and educational games for kids.

Here are the Fun and Education Games For Kids

Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle in front of your kids favorite car or truck and tell him to surmount the obstacles. Use different color blocks to obstruct the car and truck way. This will help to boost the kids eye and hand coordination level. In this game, you can have hundreds of variations. Thus, your kid won’t get bored out of it. This is one best game if your kid is between 1 to 3 years.

Cluster of colorful balls

Kids love to throw and go for the balls. And when you shower them with the number of colorful boys, you need to see a look over their face. They are truly attracted to them. Give them a number of colorful balls, it will keep the kids entertained for hours. It will help you to do your important work. This game will help to enhance motor skills- motion and movement & hand-eye coordination. Well, you can help them learn the colors of the balls.

Hide & Seek

Mom, Where are you? Don’t tell the kid where are you hiding. It will boost it’s ability to solve the problems. You can also tell the kid to push some object at specific spot. It’s a great task for kids between 2 and 3 years. It will help them to spot the object in the house and complete the task successfully.

Colors Sorting

Get your kids collection of plastic toys and arrange them in similar pattern to wood pieces. Tell the kid to sort the toys according to the colors. It will nurture the baby’s mind by segregating the toys and make them to love colors. Colors usually stimulates happiness and thus, it will also boost their mood.

Toy Float

It can be a fun activity during the bathing time of kids. Hand over some toys to the kids and tell them to put in the water. Tell him to tell you which toy is floating and which has sunk. To make that possible, use different weight object. This will help the kid to anticipate the results. Thus, it will help to develop early science learning and also fun game for your baby.

Place a mirror in front of baby

Usually when your baby is below one years old, they exactly don’t know how they look. Placing mirror in front of the kids will amuse them. Tell them or stimulate them to make some movements in front of the mirror. It will improve baby’s motor skills.

Writing skills initiative

Keep a toy of general object shape. Tell them to draw trace them. Help the kid to pick up the pencil or colorful pencil and gave them instructions to move around the object. Don’t use big toys or complicated toys. Use a circular, square, or rectangle shaped toys. They won’t get frustrated and also help them for writing skills or help them to write.

Instruction games!

Call your friends who are mothers and also make sure that they’re of similar age. Tell them to bring on their babies/kids at your place or some public hygienic place. Make them sit on a circle. Play “Simon Says”. You can command the kids by saying, “Simon says touch your feet” or “Simon says Jump”. It will develop their cognitive skills and motoring skills. Group games can be fun. This game will help to interact with others kids and develop their communication skills.

Finger Painting

If your kid has become close to two years old, you can indulge him/her in finger painting games. This will help the kid to use some part of the brain. Kids usually love colors and by making different painting with help of fingers, it will amuse them. Just get a big cardboard and tell them to use their fingers to draw something. If they don’t about the game, use their hand and assist them doing it.

Sand box

You don’t need to go to the beach to keep your kid entertained. Buy them a sand box which got toys with it. They’re affordable and it will keep them entertained for considerable amount of time. The sand in the sand box is safe as they’re not bleached or dyed.

Well, this was a list of fun games for kids. This games are educational and will help them to develop their skills. We know that kids brain development is at an high pitch level at this age.


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